The Consumer, Trends & Style

Insights & Research
We’ve talked a lot about Brands here, but what it really boils down to is your customers who shop your stores and use your products.  We  come with a lot of hands-on experience finding winning insights and research that can save you both time and money.  We don’t believe in waiting for research to tell us what to do.  But we do know the value of using research to inform your decisions, to increase success and to minimize risk.

Every agency out there will tell you about their expertise when it comes to trends, so we will keep our comments simple.  Because we focus on Private Brands we bring this unique POV to trends.  We focus on the ones that matter the Socio-Cultural and Economic trends that are driving business changes.  We know how to leverage the shorter-term but important design trends as well.

Brand Style
We believe that great brands have “style” and we know how to bring them to life. Our unique collective represents the best in style and trend. Our team knows how to breathe life into your brands. Whether you have a fashion brand that needs a unique point of view, or a technology brand that wants to take the leap from technology to lifestyle, our team will bring them to life.