The Business of Brand

Brand, Business & Concept Development
The building block of every successful strategic growth initiative boils down to the ability to create a simple and compelling concept that stops shoppers and creates customer loyalty.  What makes us unique is that even before we formed this business, our team members had worked together on previous retail ventures.  This familiarity enables us to quickly get best practices created, qualified and launched successfully.

Competitive Audits
Whether you are looking for a snapshot of a single Private Brand or a complete competitive analysis of their portfolio we will give you the insight and analysis that comes from the last five years and more 2,000 articles on My Private Brand. We will not only tell you what your competitor is doing but why they are doing it, and what this can mean to your business.

Executive Briefings
Twice a year we prepare and deliver executive briefings to some of the worlds largest retailers and manufacturers. Briefings include a multi-channel look at the major retail players in the Private Brand Business including:

  • What are they telling the street: Annual Reports & Analysts Calls
  • Departmental Changes & Hiring
  • Portfolio Strategy: Retailers who are significantly evolving their Portfolio Strategy
  • Private Brand Marketing/Advertising: How are major retailers going to market

Problem Solving & Brainstorming
We understand that Private Brands are a constantly growing and change business.  Thus we bring our expertise to help you solve core issues, problems as well as goal setting.  Let our experience help in you understanding the problems and potential and custom design the right strategic exercises, tools or workshops that will get you the answers you needs with the least amount of time and complexity.  Most important, we can bring the key thought leaders and stakeholders along on this journey so that you have that key organizational engagement from the start.

Organizational Structure
As more sales continue to move into private brands there is a growing need to create internal private branding structures within retailers.  We can help you build the structure and the right team to make it all happen.  We can provide the initial leadership and processes, help hire the right talent, train the key individuals, and engage the broader organization so that they to have the understanding and the committed buy-in.

Brand Training
We bring the hands-on experience of shaping and building brands into a winning business proposition.  We are experts at the art and the science of branding.  Take advantage of this and let us help you to build that expertise within your organization.

  • How to write an RFP so that you can get the right resources for your unique business needs.
  • How to manage an agency and a relationship for the long-term success.
  • Frameworks for working with Merchandising and different types of merchants.  The power of this is incredible when it comes to accelerating success.
  • How to judge creative and how to shape it to best meet your and the shopper’s needs.
  • How to manage and leverage the unique equity assets that make up each brand.  Straightforward and direct guidance across all visual and verbal elements that make your brand consistent, recognizable and compelling to your customers.