Brand Strategy & Development

Private Brand Portfolio Architecture & Strategy
We start with the belief that there are too many mediocre brands in the world and not enough good ones. Many retailers carry a broad and fragmented Private Brand portfolio that is too complex to manage. Private Brand portfolios should be concentrated and impactful, where brand performance is clearly understood.

We recommend setting a higher bar for creating Private Brands:  a new brand should have minimum revenue targets, clear roles, and a good reason to exist.  From the beginning the brand should be structured for success with a winning architecture that speaks directly to the shopper in-store and the consumer in-home.  Many times an existing private brand can be repositioned and revitalized, thus being able to stretch to new categories and consumers.

Just as important, we believe in a annual critical evaluation of your portfolio of Private Brands – borrowing the idea of a “line review” to create a “brand portfolio review”.

  • What can be simplified, eliminated or merged?
  • Are the brands working hard enough?
  • Is the brand identity focused, consistent and relevant?
  • Are we reaching the customers we need to reach?
  • What new opportunities have emerged?
  • Is there white space that should be filled?
  • How to structure for success while minimizing risk?
  • How healthy are our brands – both with internal and external customers?
  • How does the portfolio work with national brands to drive sales?

Brand Development or Revitalization
We see brands as living assets which can be shaped, reinvigorated and grown to have larger and stronger presence in-store and online, but most importantly in the hearts and minds of your consumers. Whether you need to reposition an existing brand, or you need a new brand and everything that entails, our team is skilled in both tasks.

Brand Identity and Package Design
We partner with some of the best designers and agencies in the world, and match your project to the agency that will best bring your brand to life. We will keep the agency on track and on budget while being the expert advocates that will guarantee your success.  We can also help with existing partnerships to make them more successful.

Brand Essential DNA
For a brand to win it needs to be clear, direct and meaningful to your customers. But how do you make sure that you have the consistency and clarity that every winning brand seems to possess? We’ve boiled it down to the essentials in what we call Brand Essential DNA.  We skip the fancy models and diagrams, and with a few short pages we boil it all down for you. We give you a road map with everything you need to run your business in the private brand world.  Whether it is Merchandising, Marketing, In-store Personnel or even Shoppers, it is all there and easily understood.  The result is brands that make a bigger impact and grow much faster.

Brand Engagement
The single greatest asset you have to grow your brands and portfolio are the employees within your organization.  They a force to be reckoned with that will shape the brand internally and sell it in-store.  Let us help you create, direct and effect ways to educate and inspire them.