CDURHAM - Fifty2 Photo-smallChristopher Durham
Vice President of Retail Brands, Theory House

A seasoned retailer, influential blogger and international speaker, Christopher is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on Private Brands and retail brand strategy. He offers retailers, manufacturers, vendors, agencies and corporate leaders critical insights into how to capitalize or compete in the new era of Private Brand.

Christopher is a master at distilling complex ideas down into simple, memorable communications, and at engaging an audience on a powerful, emotional level. His unique combination of spontaneity, disarming humor, and focus ensures that each audience leaves inspired, empowered and wanting more.

Topics Include:

Fifty2: The My Private Brands Project
Discover a new approach to branding in this challenging look inside the groundbreaking first book by Christopher Durham of My Private Brand: Fifty2, The My Private Brand Project. The 52 brands featured in the book radically destroy the notion that all American private brands are ugly knock-offs of national brands and clearly paints a picture of the retail brand revolution that is creating retail-owned brands that customers know and love.

Private Brands Today
Insight and analysis on the latest launches, marketing, hiring and events in Private Brand across all channels globally.

Private Brands Trends What’s Next?
A look at the six emerging trends in the Private Brand world that will define the retailer owned Brands of tomorrow.

Why Private Brand at Walmart is Bigger than Great Value
The 2013 Walmart Private Brand Portfolio reportA look into the MPB SIGHTLINE Walmart Portfolio analysis report that cuts into the world of Walmart’s Private Brands like no one has before. The executive presentation reviews the findings of the in-depth review of Walmart’s more than 50 private brands across virtually every department in the store, from grocery and fashion to home and electronics.

MPB Hidden History of Private Brand
Today, they’re some of the brands we know best. In some cases, you’d be hard pressed to consider them private brands at all. But they all had humble beginnings. From Levi’s to Craftsman to Aeropostale to Kindle, we look at them all in our latest publication, The Hidden History of U.S. Private Brands. This presentation looks at the history of Private Brand without the overshadowing effects of grocery. This is a look at the scope of Private Brand beyond grocery and how far its come, the perfect timeline, from 1832 to today. Whether you’re looking to inspire your Private Brand department to take your brands to the next level, or just looking for branding inspiration yourself, this is the presentation for you.

Christopher has presented at many conferences and events:


Daymon Analytics Conference
October 2013
Stamford, Connecticut
What Keeps You Up at Night?

Stamford, Connetitcu

Shopper Insights In Action
July 2013
Chicago, Illinois
Presentation: Private Brand and the Customer

PLBuyer – PLB 360 Conference
June 11-13, 2013
Chicago, Illinois
Presentation: Why Private Brand at Walmart is Bigger than Great Value

PLBuyer: Private Label: the Next Generation Conference
June 5-7, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Presentation: Private Label: Does BRAND Really Matter?

Brand Packaging: Packaging that Sells Conference
October 1-3, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Keynote: A Seismic Brand Shift in Home Improvement

Own Label Show, London England

Presentation: Private Brands in the US, Is there anything to Learn?

FMI Private Brand Summit
Presentation: Social Media & Private Brands

Private Brand Movement Conference
Chair and Keynote: Private Brand: From Impact to Movement

Private Label Movement Conference
Chair and Keynote

Shopper Insights in Action Conference

Private Label Impact Conference
Chair and Keynote